Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas

Summer is at the doorstep as the sun shines with a yellow glow. Do you want to paint your nails according to the current nail fashion trends? Does Art, Pink and Colour Light up your imagination? So here we are in the summer, getting into kinds of designs and colors for French Nails that would be perfect for this summer.

The Classic Reinvented: Pink Hearts and White Tips

At first sight, the Pink heart details on a semi-transparent base may appear quite simple but take a closer look. The creativity behind these summer French nails is truly magical. A seasoned nailist would mention the accuracy observed in the white tips, the slight gradation of pink and heart motifs that bring out an element of playfulness.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @prettywth.julia

Things We Need for This Design:

  • Polish that is see-through light pink like OPI ‘Bubble Bath’
  • White paint on tips e.g., Sally Hansen ‘White On’
  • Fine brush to draw hearts
  • Topchord for high shine (e.g. Seche Vite)

To get this Cute design at home, begin with a wiped clean nail. Apply your pink foundation layer and let it dry. Then paint your white tips very precisely and do heart details lastly. Do not be afraid to finish up with a topcoat as this will make your Beach adventures last longer.

Elegance in Simplicity: Milky Pink and French Tips

This is sophisticated manicure; a super refined take for Short nails. The design which features a white bright tip and pink foundation color speaks minimalism but still conveys classiness. This, therefore, sums up the minimum art that Designers who prefer less to more can go for.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @naileditstudiio

What you need:

  • Gelish ‘Simple Sheer’ milky pink gel polish
  • CND Shellac ‘Cream Puff’ white tips gel
  • UV/LED lamp
  • Gellen Top Coat glossy top coat

Apply milky pink gel and cure it under lamp then paint the tips precisely to attain this look. The look is cemented by applying topcoat that makes it appear Classy in nature. Always remember though that perfect edges are not done instantly.

Sophisticated Sparkle: Pastel Pink with Glittering Accents

When Glitter meets Pink, what happens is a Pretty expression of summer joy that is Bright. The Pastel tone used in this design is enhanced by sparkling accents that catch the light with every movement. It’s all about celebrating summer’s fun side.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @castella.nails

Consumables for This Design:

  • Pastel pink polish (e.g., Essie ‘Muchi, Muchi’)
  • Glitter polish (e.g., China Glaze ‘Fairy Dust’)
  • Striping tape which will give you clean lines
  • Protective topcoat (e.g., INM ‘Out the Door’)

To recreate this Art, apply pastel pink as your canvas and once it is dry, place striping tape across it before using glitter polish. Peel off the tape to reveal crisp lines and seal with a topcoat.

Soft Contours and Pink Gradient: The Ballet of Elegance

The Summer Symphony of French Nails Designs & Colors Ideas has one that is a graceful waltz of Pink and White. The light shade blend gives the image of ballet slipper sophistication that is Beautiful and Business-like at the same time. These Long nails with their slightly pointy ends have a gentle transition from pale pink to white showing both Pleasure and maturity.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by:

Consumables for This Design:

  • Sheer pink base coat (e.g., Essie ‘Ballet Slippers’)
  • White tip polish (e.g., OPI ‘Alpine Snow’)
  • Makeup sponge for gradient effect
  • Glossy topcoat (e.g., Butter London ‘Hardwear’)

To achieve this elegant outcome, start with a transparent pink foundation. Next, apply the white tip polish using a make-up sponge in order to get an even gradation. Finally, choose a glossy topcoat, just like Ballet shoes did inspire it as well.

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Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas

Bold Contrast: The Chic Harmony of Pink and Black

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have a design that is unmistakably daring – neutral pink with black tips. This Design treads on the edge of avant garde but still retains some Classiness. It is meant for people who like to have classical French manicure but would want something out of the ordinary.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @nailsxmina

Supplies For This Design:

  • Neutral pink polish (e.g., Chanel ‘Organdi’)
  • Black tip polish (e.g., Essie ‘Licorice’)
  • Tip guides for accuracy
  • Matte topcoat for a modern twist (e.g., OPI Matte Top Coat)

Start with neutral pink as your base and then carefully apply black polish using tip guides. Try it with matte topcoat to give it an updated look that will steal any summer party’s showtime.

A Glitter-Tipped Ombre that Echoes the Sunset

The sun sets and kisses the ocean horizon with a streak of bling, which you can capture on your nails using this manicure design. The white tips dusted in glitter over pink base reminds you of a beachside sunset, injecting summer spirit into your nails.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @ar_thenailbar

Items Needed for This Design:

  • Soft pink polish (e.g., Dior ‘Incognito’)
  • Silver glitter polish (e.g., OPI ‘Kitty White’)
  • A fine-tip brush for applying glitter
  • High-shine topcoat (e.g., Revlon ‘Extra Life No Chip’)

Apply soft pink paint to your nails as a base coat and let it dry. Once it is dried up, on the tip use a fine-tip brush to put silver glitters while blending them down slightly giving an ombre effect. Then you may seal with high-shine topcoat that will make it ready for any Beach party.

Sleek Almond Charm: The Intersection of Pastel Pink and Crisp White

The shape of almond nails presents a design that is Cute and daring at the same time. The perfect pastel Pink turns to pure White, a contrasting combination between Bright and subtle, just what every Short nail lover needs in order to make their fingers look longer without sacrificing style.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @elzbieta_laszewska_instruktor

Items Required for This Design:

  • Pastel pink gel polish (e.g., Essie Gel Couture ‘Matter of Fiction’)
  • White tip gel polish (e.g., Gelish ‘Arctic Freeze’)
  • Gel lamp for curing
  • Non-wipe glossy topcoat (e.g., CND Shellac ‘Xpress5 Top Coat’)

To achieve this sophisticated look, apply a pastel pink gel polish and cure. Then, paint your tips white and cure again. Applying a non-wipe topcoat will guarantee your shine doesn’t fade away even during all sunny months when you have picnics or spend time at the beach.

Subtle Sophistication: Classic Pink with a Modern French Tip

There we go, a modern twist on the French tips for short nails. It features a lovely pink color and the classic white tip. This style is timeless; it’s both elegant and simple, which makes it an excellent choice either for professional or casual purposes.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @thenailloungeipswich

Items Needed:

  • Sheer pink polish (e.g., Bela by Zoya)
  • White tip polish (e.g., White Tips by ORLY)
  • Protective topcoat (e.g., Gel Lab Pro by Deborah Lippmann)

To get this design, apply sheer pink polish carefully as a base then do white tips. And finally protect your manicure from chipping off by applying protective top coat for that pretty polished finish all through the season.

Black and Gold Accents on a Pink Base

This design has an interesting mix of suspense and grace. It is a fascinating pattern with black ends that are surrounded by thin gold lines. It’s the most striking piece in any wardrobe as it gives an impression of self-indulgence – it’s perfect for those whose style and art command attention.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @royal_nails_lodz

What to use for this Design:

  • Creamy pink nail polish, such as Tom Ford Toasted Sugar
  • Black gel polish for tips (e.g., DND Black Licorice)
  • Gold striping tape
  • High-gloss topcoat, like Essie Good To Go

Begin with the creamy pink base before applying the black gel tips. And then you can glam it up a bit more by using gold striping tape on them. Finish off by applying high-gloss topcoat to make sure that your nails are super shiny every time they catch the sunlight.

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Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas

Dramatic Lengths: The Bold Statement of Long White Tips

The stark contrast between these long nails’ delicate pink and pure white creates a bold statement that can’t be missed. It is for those who want to make a difference, someone with the touch of elegance on the hand, which is perfect for summer nights out.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @ashcrylix

Stuff used in making this design:

  • Pink light polish (e.g., Dior ‘Tra-la-la’)
  • White polish for dramatic tips (e.g., Orly ‘White Tips’)
  • A high gloss topcoat (Chanel Laque Brillance Extreme e.g.)

To achieve this look you must carefully apply light pink paint and then add dramatic white tips. A glossy top coat finishes it off, ensuring your nails are talked about at every occasion.

Chic Playfulness: Glitter, Hearts, and Bold Accents

Why should you go for one design and leave out others?This playful way includes Glitter, delicate hearts, and bold color accents that add a sense of whimsy to your manicure.It is Fun, flirtatious, and completely stylish-a mark of a creative mind.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @dagmara.zajac_

Supplies for This Design:

  • Nude pink base polish (e.g., OPI ‘Bubble Bath’)
  • Black polish for the accent nail (e.g., China Glaze ‘Liquid Leather’)
  • Glitter polish for the statement nail (e.g., Deborah Lippmann ‘Happy Birthday’)
  • Stickers or stencils for heart designs
  • Topcoat for a lasting finish (e.g., Sally Hansen ‘Insta-Dri’)

To recreate this look, begin with a nude pink base. Reserve one nail as an accent in black while glitter goes on another. With stickers or stencils make heart patterns then apply top coat to keep your fun-loving art in place.

Abstract Art: Creative Lines and White Flair

This nail design is inspired by abstract art and creatively uses lines over a French tip. This style is for those who appreciate art and want to have their hands as their canvas. It’s perfect for adding an artsy touch to any Summer outfit.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @laimy_nails

Things you will need for this Design:

  • Sheer pink polish (for example, Essie ‘Mademoiselle’)
  • White striper polish (like Stripe Rite)
  • Small pointed paintbrushes for delicate lines
  • Quick-dry topcoat (such as Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat)

Apply a thin pink layer and then make your abstracted outlines with white striper using detail brush. Allowing oneself be creative is important in order to achieve good results. A fast drying top coat that does not ruin the painting should be used on it.

Glimmering Edges: A Subtle Sparkle on Classic French

The evergreen style of French manicure is updated with a sparkling effect in these nails. The sparkle is subtle and it adds an enchanting touch to the otherwise traditional look, which makes it ideal for any summer occasion be it day or night.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @easynails_pat

Materials Needed:

  • Pale pink base coat (e.g., OPI ‘Put it in Neutral’)
  • White top polish (e.g., ORLY ‘White Tips’)
  • Fine glitter dust or varnish for the border (e.g., Nails Inc. ‘Chelsea Square’)
  • Topcoat to seal off the shine (e.g., INM ‘Out the Door’)

To start, apply your base color of pink then put on the white tips. Whilst still wet press in glitter powder or paint a thin strip of glitter polish across them. This can be coated with a topcoat that will shine brightly under the summer sun.

Dramatic Red with Floral Accents: A Statement of Bold Romance

Their vibrant red shade and statement white flowers that are decorated with small pearls make these nails impossible to ignore. It’s a design that is both striking and dainty—ideal for a passionate summer love or an elegant party.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @clawsxcollxtion

Essentials Used for This Design:

  • Dark red nail polish (for example Essie ‘Bordeaux’)
  • White nail polish (like Sally Hansen ‘White On’) for the flowers
  • Little pearls or rhinestones as accent
  • Transparent topcoat to create bulk depth (for instance Super Gloss by Glossier)

Paint the base of your nail in red of your choice. Make the petals with fine brush and white varnish; add some pearls in the center. You’re done! Just apply a final coat over it so that we can make the color more brilliant and also enhance the shine of our tiny gems.

Neon Dreams: Vibrant Tips for a Playful Summer

These nails have a natural base with neon tips that are sure to make you have fun. They are perfect for the people who like playing around with colors as they add a burst of funness. The bright red at the tips is an attention grabber against the gentle base, ideal for beach parties or a playful edge to your work look.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @nailnarco

Items required for this design:

  • Natural base coat (such as Zoya ‘Naked Manicure’)
  • Neon red polish for the tips (like China Glaze ‘Red-Y To Rave’)
  • A matte topcoat for a modern finish (e.g. OPI ‘Matte Top Coat’).

Start by applying the natural base coat to give you a clean look. After that, paint the neon tips carefully and finally apply a matte topcoat to make them less shiny like neon lights on walls in modernized places. This is a look that will surely make your summer days and nights more live round.

Oceanic Whispers: Serene Blue Tips

These nails are the perfect spot to relax with their serene ocean colors that have a soft pink base and sharp blue tips. They will remind you of waves on the beach, making them an amazing choice for people planning a beach vacation or sunbathing.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @nailsbynichi

For This Design, You Will Need:

  • Pink base polish (i.e., ILNP ‘Juliette’)
  • Bright blue polish for the tips (i.e., Essie ‘Butler Please’)
  • A glossy topcoat for a wet-look finish (i.e., ILNP ‘Quick Dry Top Coat’)

Paint your nails with a pink base and carefully apply blue tips when dry. Use a shiny top coat to achieve that fresh water look as if it’s sparkling in the sunlight at sea.

Floral Finesse: Delicate Blossoms and Glitter

These nails bloom with the gentle touch of hand painted flowers and sparkling glitter, thereby giving a feeling of spring time romance even during summer. It is a polished design that combines the softness of petals with the fun of glimmers.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @clari_s_nails

Tools needed for this design:

  • Base coat in nude colour such as OPI ‘Tiramisu for Two’,
  • Flowers in white color like ORLY White Tips
  • Glitter polish in pink shade such as Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop
  • Little rhinestones or beads to be used at the centre of flowers
  • Topcoat for durability, e.g., Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

Apply thin brush to paint white flowers on nude base then add a stroke of pink glitter. Place stones or beads on the center and overcoat your floral masterpiece.

Cherry Blossoms and Almond Tips: A Spring Into Summer

Nail creations meant to help you bring out the beauty of cherry blossoms; have a white covering on its edges in an almond shape along with small flower drawings. This concept is suitable for any weather conditions ranging from coolness of spring to summer sunshine.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @nailssbykate

Materials for This Design:

  • Base coat: soft pink (e.g., Zoya Blu)
  • White polish for tips and flowers: China Glaze White on White
  • Tiny leaves polish color: Essie Mojito Madness
  • Matte top coat, for a modern take: OPI Matte Top Coat

Start with the pinkish base, proceed to add white ends, then gently sketch these cherry blossoms together with leaves. Add a matte topcoat for a more contemporary feel in this timeless floral look.

Playful Hearts: A Twist on French Tips

These nails are a playful version of the traditional French manicure with sweetlooking red hearts painted on a see-through top layer that is then finished off with white tips. It is sure to steal any heart and shows off an easy summer love or fun day out.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @glamourmaguk

Materials Needed for This Design:

  • Transparent base coat (for instance Essie ‘Mademoiselle’)
  • White tip polish (such as OPI ‘Alpine Snow’)
  • Red enamel for heart patterns (like Essie ‘Really Red’)
  • A gloss topcoat for tough, shiny finish like INM ‘Out the Door’

First apply the sheer base coat, then add the white tips, and after they have dried, carefully put on the red hearts using a small brush. To protect your beautiful design, apply glossy topcoat.

Pink and Black with a Textured Twist

What follows is a design that is extreme and fashionable: it starts off with a smooth pink base with a texturized finish, and ends in matte black tips. A modernization of the French tip for that rebellious summer night out or when you want to make an extravagant statement.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @popescuumaria

The Items Needed for This Design:

  • Matte pink nail polish (e.g., Zoya ‘Harley’)
  • Matte black textured nail polish (e.g., OPI ‘Leather Effect’)
  • A matte topcoat (e.g., Essie ‘Matte About You’) to lock in the texture

Apply the matte pink shade before giving it some matte black tips with texture on them. You can forego using a top coat here as the textured aspect itself will act as a statement finish.

Neon Flare: Electrifying Summer Vibes

Punch up your summer look with these bold neon yellow tips on a natural nail. A look that is lively and unmissable, it is simply perfect for those days at the beach or nights at the summer festivals.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @stralkovskaya_nails

Materials Needed:

  • Natural nail color (e.g. OPI ‘Bubble Bath’)
  • Tip neon yellow nail polish (e.g China Glaze ‘Celtic Sun’)
  • High gloss top coat for an intense shine (e.g Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat)

Paint your nails with the natural polish after which apply boldly to the tips the neon yellow. This will ensure that you have a high-gloss topcoat that will highlight your tips as part of this year’s fashion ensemble.

Pastel Perfection with a Minty Fresh Outline

The cool breeze of summertime is in this design. It’s a French manicure but with a twist; the soft pastel pink base is framed by a minty fresh outline for a modern look. This nail design has summer freshness all over it.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by:

Items Used:

  • Pastel pink polish (e.g., Essie ‘Romper Room’)
  • Mint polish for outline (e.g., Essie ‘Mint Candy Apple’)
  • A clear topcoat for glossy finish (e.g., INM ‘Out the Door’)

Painting the base with pastel pink then carefully applying mint as an outline is followed by finishing it off with a clear top coat to make your design protected and shiny giving you that healthy glow that lasts.

Playful Petals: A Bouquet of Colorful French Tips

These playful petal tips invite the joy of a summer garden to your nails. Each nail is a different color, thus turning your manicure into an energetic bouquet. It’s a fun way of celebrating the variety of flowers seen during summer.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @studiobarinails

Consumables for This Design:

  • Base coat OPI ‘Bubble Bath’ or other sheer pink
  • Petals mixed with various colors such as those from OPI Infinite Shine Collection
  • High shine top coat like Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat that makes the vibrant look brighter.

Start with a sheer pink base, add colorful petal designs on the tips and finish with high-shine topcoat to keep your nails bright as summer.

Elegant Contrast: Pink and Black with a Lace Accent

These nails have a girlish pink background and black contrasting tips accented with intricate lace. The combination is both classic and audacious, which makes it good for any stylish evening out or fashion forward event.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by:

Supplies for This Design:

  • Light pink polish for base (e.g., OPI ‘Baby Take a Vow’)
  • Black polish for tips (e.g., Essie ‘Licorice’)
  • Lace stickers or stamping tools for accents
  • Clear top coat to finish the design (e.g., Essie ‘Speed.Setter’)

First of all, start with the pink base and then paint carefully in black on the tips. Then using either stickers or a stamping plate, add some lace details; finish off by applying a glossy topcoat to protect your nail art work.

Starry Night: A Celestial Encounter

With this celestial design, you can have the night sky within an arm’s reach of you featuring a shimmering silver base and vibrant yellow star accents. It will fascinate anyone who wishes to carry a part of the universe with them.

Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas
Photo credit by: @fn___studio

Consumables for This Design:

  • Metallic silver polish (like ILNP ‘Mega’) to be used as the base
  • Yellow polish (e.g., OPI ‘Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet’) for use on star details
  • Gemstones or star-shaped decals for added sparkle
  • Topcoat that is strong enough to last long like INM’s “Out of the door”.

Use smooth metallic silver as your base; let it dry before painting or applying stars then add gemstones or decals. Seal using a top coat so that twinkling stars continue shining like in summer nights.


Q: French manicures how long do they last?

A: A typical French manicure can last up to two weeks, depending on the type of polish used and how well you care for your nails. If you maintain them properly, gel manicures can even run for about three weeks.

Q: Can I achieve these French nail designs at home, or do I need to visit a salon?

A: Many French nail designs are achievable at home but one has to have the right tools and a steady hand. Nevertheless, some intricate patterns and gel polishes that needs lamp curing may be best done by an experienced professional in a salon.

Q: What is the best way to maintain my French manicure during the summer?

A: To keep up your French manicure, paint it with topcoat every few days so that it does not break. When doing housework, wear gloves and apply oil-free sun blockers to avoid color loss from UV rays.

Q: Are there any tips for making sure my French tips don’t chip?

A: Yes! Start with clean, dry nails; use a base coat; make sure each layer of polish is completely dry before applying another one because if not this will affect the drying time of subsequent coats. Also putting on layers thinly and capping free edges when applying each coat helps as well.

Q: What summer French nail design is best for a beach vacation?

A: Bright colors or glossy finishes are great for such a trip. Go for neon tips or marine accents such as waves or seashells on your designs if you want your fingers to feel like they are at the beach throughout summer.

Q: Can French nails still look good on short nails?

A: Oh yes! One will always find FMs very attractive irrespective of their lengths. For instance, girls can go with smaller tip sections just to maintain balance in their appearance when their dress too short skirts while going for cocktail parties.

Q: What are some current trends for French nails this summer?

A: Other latest looks include tips that are not white but colored, metallic polishes and adding small details such as flowers or glitter. There is also a move towards more geometric shapes and negative space designs.

Q: How can I remove a gel French manicure safely?

A: To remove gel manicure you need to soak your nails in acetone. It is best done at the salon but you can also do it at home by soaking up cotton balls with acetone, placing them onto the nails, and enclosing fingers with aluminum foil for some minutes.

Q: Is it necessary to take a break between gel manicures?

A: For nail breathing purposes or perhaps recovery purposes, one should have breaks in between gel sessions. Nail health can be improved by having two weeks’ worth of breaks after every few months.

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Chic Tips: Summer French Nail Designs & Color Ideas

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