Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths

Have you ever looked down at your nails in the summer and thought, “I wish I had a little more of that sunshine right here with me”? Are you tired of your basic nail routine? Don’t you want to show off a design that blends the colors of sandy beaches, ocean breezes, And everything else that makes up the good vibes of summer? Well, look no further. From casual French tips to loud neon hues, we’re going to dive into some delightful designs for summer fun. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started on this journey through classy simplicity!

Summer Nails Short: Embracing Simplicity with Style

Shorts nails are underrated for their style. They’re like a blank canvas that can be used to express yourself just as much as longer nails. And when you fuse pastel colors with minimalistic designs, it looks simple and elegant at the same time. A modern version of the classic French manicure with geometric precision gives off a fresh perspective of being both simple and sophisticated this summer.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @brillbirduk

Nail List:

  • Base coat: Protects your nail bed.
  • Pastel polish: High pigment to give you an opaque look.
  • White polish: Clean bold accents.
  • Top coat: Adds durability and shine
  • Striping tape and dotting tools: Doing any geometric shapes will need these tools!

Start by applying a base coat to strengthen your nails. Apply the pastel polish in coats, waiting for each layer to dry before adding more. Use striping tape to help get lines as straight as possible while using dotting tools for smaller details. Finally, seal the whole thing with a shiny top coat!

Bright and Fun: A Floral Fiesta on Your Fingertips

These nails are a tapestry of color that covers the spirit of summer festivals and sunny beach days. Neons mixed with pastels portray fun and fancy, turning each fingernail into a story of floral illusions—an allusion to Y2K trends plus a bit of current grace.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @nailsbylydiette

Consumables List:

  • A pair of long-lasting artificial nails: A base for any imaginable design.
  • Neon polishes kit: Populating petals.
  • Nail art brushes: Let your dreams bloom in brush strokes.
  • Glistening rhinestones: Centers for flowers on which summer lights cling.
  • Acrylic sealer: The final touch to wearable art.

Over your acrylic base coat, apply a layer of translucent pastel. You may let the neon colors intermingle beautifully as you draw blossoms on fingers using small brushes; remember to place one rhinestone at each center and apply a good cover over everything.

Gilded Elegance: Luxurious Simplicity

The perfect esthetic for the summer. Natural nails wears a gown of golden foil, amalgamating simplicity with grandeur. This design whispers versatility and class, being equally good for a sophisticated event or a barefoot walk on the beach.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @nail_blisss_

List of items:

  • Neutral gel polish: A blank canvas for gold embellishments
  • Gold Foil pieces: The embodiment of luxury.
  • A reliable gel top coat: The shield for your foil.
  • An LED light: The key to setting your gel perfectly.

Smooth on a neutral base and cure it under LED light. Skillfully arrange the gold foil, overlay it with top coat then cure again. The result? A simple yet extraordinary ode to elegant summer style.

Crystal Charm: The Allure of Subtle Sparkle

A sheer, neutral base sprinkled with crystals do the job of looking chic and enchanted. It’s a perfect balance between being understated, but still having its glitzy touch. This summer evening look is a match made in heaven for those who want to feel fancy during their night out.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @paintedbycourtney

Consumables List:

  • Sheer neutral polish: To enhance the nail bed’s natural color
  • Assorted crystals: Pick different sizes to make it custom
  • Nail glue: The hold has to be strong for the crystal application
  • High-gloss top coat: Locks in shine, ideally with gel-like finish

Apply two coats of your sheer polish, then put dabs of glue where you want your crystals. After they’re set, put top coat on to secure them and keep them glossy for longer. Trust me when I say this finishes off easily while looking gorgeous!

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Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths

Statement Love: Bold and Personal

In a nail design that is both playful and personal, bold lettering set against a classic french tip speaks volumes. Stark contrast makes this design stand out while a little heart detail gives a cute feel to it. Perfect for the expressive soul, it’s an exceptional acrylic option for someone with something to say.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @alithenailtech

Consumables List:

  • Pink gel polish: As you would like it to appear natural
  • White polish: To enable sharp French tips
  • Black nail art pen: So as to be accurate when writing letters.
  • Red polish: This is done so that you can accentuate the heart.

After drying, begin with pink base and then paint white tips on them. Utilize nail art pen in writing your message after which apply red heart using small brush. Finish off with clear gel top coat to seal everything up.

Playful Pink: A Touch of Whimsy

This playful design is set by a pink wash, but one of the nails has a pearly sheen that is subtle, and yet catches the light. It’s cute and simple, but still trendy for this summer— easy to wear and easy to love.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @nailsbynicole.__

Consumables List:

  • Polish in pastel pink:   Use it as the base for the look you want
  • Iridescent top coat: This will give your nail a statement piece.
  • Tiny heart stencil: You’ll need this stencil for some adorable accents.
  • Quick-dry top coat: Wait no more than a few minutes to put this on after you put on everything else

First thing that needs done is apply pastel pink polish onto your nails. Once you finish with that go ahead and choose which nail you want to put iridescent top coat on. Use the stencil to get some cute little hearts on each nail, then quickly dry everything with high-quality top coat.

Amber Waves: The Golden Gradient

Nails with a gradient finish are really popular right now. You can see why in this design, which uses warm, amber hues to give the impression of a summer sunset. Bold gold outlines make it look stylish and sophisticated too.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @nailsbylauren.o

You will need:

  • Sheer nude polish – this compliments every skin tone
  • Yellow to orange gradient polishes – to create the glowing sun effect
  • Gold striping polish – for the outline detail
  • Detailing brush – because you need precision for that!
  • High-shine top coat – to make your nails glow

Start with the nude base color. While it’s still sticky, blend your gradient shades from the cuticle. Once dry, use the detailing brush with gold polish and outline each nail. Finally, finish off with a top coat for a gel shine that’s easy on the eyes.

Neon and Monochrome: A Daring Duo

The combination of monochrome zebra stripes and bright neon green is really striking in contrast. This daring statement is meant for the bold trendy girl who would dare to embrace grunge undertones or gothic flair with a touch of neon energy, perfect for spring break fun and beachy days.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @nailnymphs

List of Materials:

  • White enamel: an ideal backdrop for these stripes.
  • Black striping enamel: To create this look.
  • Neon green enamel: Ensure it has that wow effect.
  • Matte top coat: Contrasting the shine of the neon polish.

Paint your nails white and let them dry. Use stripe polish to draw zebra patterns on the other nails. Apply two layers of neon green polish on all other nails. For instance, use a matte top layer over the stripes but apply shiny one over the green colour to mix up finishes.

Pop Art Playfulness: Bold Shapes and Colors

Getting artsy with your nails is easy with this whimsical look. The vibrant colors and abstract shapes are a playful way to show off your creativity. It’s a trendy style full of life that’s perfect for summertime.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @kapich_nails

You’ll need:

  • A variety of colored polishes: Opt for pastels, brights, and dark shades.
  • Nail art tape: For clean lines and sharp edges.
  • Dotting tools: To create dots of different sizes.
  • Quick-dry top coat: Don’t want to keep you waiting!

Apply your base color across all nails and let it dry. Now vary the other colors on each nail, no rules here! On some nails, use the tape to block out geometric shapes before painting them in a different polish. On others, try adding dots and circles using the dotting tools. Once everything is dry remove the tape (if you used it) and seal it all in with a clear top coat.

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Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths

Metallic Messages: Chic and Personalized

Personal expression knows no bounds with this nail art design. It’s where metallic shine meets messages that are customized to your liking. The clever leveraging of empty spaces and smooth typography gives you a look that’s just as unique as your signature. It’s aesthetic sophistication at its best, so you can send a message that’ll last longer than time.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @lider.nail

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • White polish: A blank slate for your message.
  • Metallic striping tape: For that glossy edge.
  • Nail stickers or decals: So personalize it feels like your own handwriting.
  • Pale pink polish: To soften up the metallics.
  • High-gloss top coat: For long-lasting shine.

Use the white polish to coat your nails. After they’re dry, add on the striping tape along the tips or wherever you’d like. Stick on your chosen stickers or decals. Then paint over them with pale pink polish, allowing parts of the white and metallics to peek through. Lastly, seal it all in with a high-gloss top coat.

Garden Whimsy: A Touch of Spring

This design is a playful nod to the blooming gardens of springs, bringing a touch of nature’s joy to your fingertips. Delicate floral art over a sheer base suggests innocence and whimsy, ideal for sunny days and simple gel applications. It’s cute, it’s springy and it’s absolutely pretty.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @freshsetlancaster

Consumables List:

  • Sheer base coat: To enhance the natural nail.
  • Floral nail art stickers or hand-painted with nail art brushes.
  • A variety of polish colors: To create the floral designs.
  • A top coat: To seal in your miniature garden.

Start with a sheer base. Choose your floral design—stickers for an easy application or hand-painted for a personal touch. Apply each element carefully, using a variety of polish colors for bright spring acrylic look. Seal with a top coat as necessary.

Psychedelic Swirls: Edgy and Mesmerizing

This design is a fun color explosion. A great way to grab attention with its bold and captivating swirls. The edgy mix of purples and greens are sure to have people taking second looks at your nails. With its goth-like energy it creates an intriguing combination, giving you a trendy look for spring break. It’s a design that wants the spotlight.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @yanpaintsnails

The list of things you’ll need:

  • A dark base polish: Adds depth and intensity.
  • Purples and greens: Creating this marble effect.
  • A small dish of water: To use one step in the marbling technique.
  • A toothpick: To blend the colors together.
  • A top coat: Makes it all perfect and shiny.

First paint your nails with the dark base color. Then drop your chosen colors into the water dish and use a toothpick to create swirls out of them. Dip each nail one at a time into the design. Clean up the edges, then apply a top coat for a mesmerizing finish.

Petal Soft: Gentle Elegance

There is an art to nails that speak softly and leave a big impact. Here, the light pink base quietly complements the tiny white flowers, which were painted on individually. It’s a look that is both minimalistic and natural, invoking thoughts of spring blooms—a pretty and sweet choice for any occasion.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @lindseysbeautylounge1


  • Light pink polish: A soft, feminine base.
  • White nail art pen: For drawing the delicate flowers.
  • Clear top coat: Adds shine while protecting your design.

Start with the light pink polish as your base color. Once it has dried completely, use the white nail art pen to create small flowers on each nail by painting two sets of petals and filling in their centers with dots. Finally, seal everything in place with the clear top coat so that you can enjoy your handiwork for days

Vivid Strokes: Bold Watercolor

Let’s take a moment to imagine that your nails can be transformed into a vivid watercolor painting. This design takes the bright, pastel palette of summer and twists it with bold, sweeping strokes. On each nail there is pink blush adding classiness and funness through fine crystal rhinestones.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @manicure._wow

Consumable list:

  • Neon pink polish: As an outstanding base.
  • Sponge tool: That’ll fade the neon away giving a look of watercolor
  • Rhinestones: For occasionally classy glitter.
  • Jelly pink polish: Adds depth by using an overlaying technique.
  • Top coat: To add shine and keep rhinestones in place.

Start with a neon pink base. Use sponge to apply jelly polish for water colour effect. Put rhinestones as desired while the polish is still sticky. Finish off with a top coat to give it a shiny appearance and keep the stones intact.

Fluttering Fancy: A Touch of Whimsy

This particular nail design is simple and striking, featuring delicate butterfly wings and golden flakes that seem to be fluttering in a gentle breeze. It perfectly embodies a simple summer, easy-peasy and whimsically beautiful. The art takes center stage on this one with a natural pink base, making it a cute and trendy choice.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @krzsuzsanna


  • Pale Pink Polish – for a simple and natural base.
  • Butterfly wing decals or stickers – very easy to apply.
  • Gold leaf flakes – adds a bit of luxury.
  • Clear polish – to apply the gold flakes.
  • Long-lasting top coat – keep your nails looking whimsical longer.

Put on the pale pink polish first, then put on the butterfly decals. Afterward, take the clear polish and start adhering gold flakes randomly for that magical effect. Finish with top coat to make it last!

Blossom Breeze: Nature’s Touch on Your Nails

The delicate arrangement of petals and gold flecks beautifully captures the essence of a garden in bloom on your nails. Each nail is like a petal bathed in sunlight, creating a luxurious and elegant acrylic piece that screams spring. It’s cute, classy, and without a doubt pretty.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @manuelatorres_nails


  • Sheer pink polish: To imitate the gentle feeling of petals
  • Flower decals or hand-painted with nail art brushes: For your blossom design
  • Gold flake polish: A taste of luxury
  • A top coat: Locks everything in place while adding that much-needed glossy finish

Begin by painting your sheer pink base. Then add on your flower decals or paint your blossoms using nail art brushes. To give it an additional flair, sprinkle some gold flakes on top. Lastly, seal everything together with the top coat for an enduring and smooth finish.

Pink Waves: A Modern Take on French Tips

A modern twist on the classic French manicure, the design has a wavy, jelly-like look which gives depth and fun to the nails. It is trendy, natural and fun at once with gradient pinks that epitomize simple summer mood.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @xolished

Items needed:

  • Gradient base of light pink polish
  • Jelly effect sponge
  • Different shades of pink
  • Jelly-like glossy topcoat

Firstly, apply a base color of light pink. Using a sponge, dab different pinks for an ombre effect. Next, add a jelly top coat so that it appears like the nails are wet.

Bold Geometry: Sharp Lines and Luminous Charm

This nail design has a futuristic feel with its sharp metallic lines. Against the shimmering base, the bright pink tips shine incredibly bright. This is perfect for someone who wants to make a bold statement while keeping it simple. It’s unique, it’s aesthetic, and it’s perfectly on trend for any basic gel manicure.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @nail_of_bahar

List of supplies:

  • Shimmering base polish: To give your nails a radiant glow.
  • Metallic pink polish: For those tips.
  • Striping tape: To keep the lines straight.
  • Top coat: To help everything stay in place.

Apply a shimmering base polish to each nail. When dry, use striping tape on each nail to map out where you want your metallic tips to go. Apply pink metallic polish over the area not covered by tape. Immediately after applying the polish, remove the striping tape before it dries and hardens. Finish with top coat for extra durability and shine.

Liquid Lure: A Glimpse into Modern Art

This design is like a lava lamp, with sinewy shapes and metallic colors that will make your nails look like pieces of contemporary art. The undulating forms in gold and copper against the matte backdrop are like abstract sculptures, making this look ultra on-trend.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @cheekydevil_nails


  • Matte nude polish: For the understated base.
  • Gold and copper striping polish: To create the liquid metal effect.
  • Fine brush: To draw the fluid shapes precisely.
  • Matte top coat: To maintain the modern vibe of this manicure.

Apply two coats of matte nude polish as your base. With a fine brush, draw organic, flowing shapes with the gold and copper polishes. Let it dry, then seal it with a layer of matte top coat to subdue any glossiness and enhance its arty feel.

Dot Matrix: Retro Vibes with a Modern Twist

This nail art is a dynamic bow to retro design with a modern twist. The bright blue makes an amazing background for the pink spots, creating a cool pop-art look. Each has its own special pattern, one that can be worn by anyone who loves to mix and match old and new styles.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @tendrehands

List of article:

  • Bright Blue Lacquer Polish: As A Base Color
  • Pink Nail Polish: For Dotting Details
  • Dotting Tools: Uniformity and Precision are Achieved Through This Procedure.
  • Glossy Top Coat: To Make Colors Pop And Last.

Paint your nails using the vivid blue polish. After drying, use dots made from dotting tools to create even spaces on each finger. Finally, gloss up your artwork so that it has a shiny appearance.

Aquatic Flair: Under-the-Sea Fantasy

These nails possess the physical embodiment of oceanic waves by their design. The fading teal to pink tints resemble the gentle lapping of sea water against a sandy beach. It’s a fun and imaginative look, similar to mermaid tales and underwater adventures.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @allyssapower

Tools Needed:

  • Teal polish: For the wave tips.
  • Sheer pink polish: To blend with the natural nail.
  • Detailing brush: For wave designs
  • A top coat: Protects desgin and adds shine.

Use sheer pink as a base to imitate your actual nail color. With a detailing brush, paint teal waves at the tips. Apply top coat to protect design and add shine.

Neon Groove: Electric Contours

Immerse yourself in a neon fantasy with these thrilling nails. The vibrant outlines of bold neon shades border the delicate pastel fillings, producing an energetic contrast that is undeniably enjoyable and stylish. It’s a look that suggests you’re ready to have a good time, at any time!

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @fn___studio

Materials List:

  • Pastel base polishes: A soft backdrop for the neon.
  • Neon striping polish: To make the daring outlines.
  • A fine detail brush: For clear lines.
  • A glossy top coat: To boost the vibrancy of the neon.

Paint your nails with the pastel base colors. Once dried, use the detail brush and neon polish to carefully outline shapes on each nail. Then, apply a glossy top coat for a sparkling design.

Starry Night: Cosmic Elegance

This design will make you feel the galaxy right on your nails, at the same time adding cosmic effect through using deep blue and gold flake polish. It is a classy and unique nail art, suitable for special evenings with friends or even when you just want to add some magic in your day.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @fn___studio

Consumables List:

  • Deep blue nail polish: Used as the foundation of this celestial look.
  • Gold flake nail polish: Done to represent the stars.
  • A clear top coat:  Adds dimension and luster to the small universe

Use a base of deep blue nail varnish. While still wet, pat on some gold flake newtonian light interaction for different colors give it that starry look. Finish by applying a glossy top coat which will leave it looking smooth and long lasting.

Camouflage Charm: A Playful Twist on a Classic Pattern

For the bold and playful, this pink take on the classic camouflage is downright cute. With a melange of pink shades that blend together so well, it’s perfect for getting attention in a crowded room.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @fn___studio

Consumables List:

  • Various shades of pink polish: pick out any colors you like
  • A flat brush: for blending
  • A glossy top coat: to make sure your pattern sparkles

Paint your nails with a light pink base and let them dry. After that, dab on different patches of the various pink shades using a flat brush to mix them all together. Once you’re happy with how it looks, seal everything up with some shiny top coat.

Whimsical Waves: Soft Elegance

The nail art world has worked itself into a frenzy of late, but we can’t help but appreciate a simple set of nails. These are as dainty as it gets; delicate white waves dance across a creamy backdrop to give the impression of soft ripples on a serene pond. It’s simply minimalist and naturally pretty — an understated manicure that works for any occasion.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @fn___studio

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Creamy base polish: Soft and neutral.
  • White polish: For drawing the waves.
  • Detail brush: Small and precise.
  • Glossy top coat: To seal everything in, with some sheen.
  1. Start with a coat or two of creamy base polish. Wait for them to dry.
  2. Use your detail brush and white polish to draw wave patterns on each nail.
  3. Once dry, finish things off with a glossy top coat for subtle elegance.

Neon Orbit: Bold and Bright

If ever there was a design capturing the fun and sparkle of summer, it would be this one. Nails are swirled with neon colors in vibrant orbits, punctuated with playful gem accents. This is a bold, bright and totally fun choice that will definitely attract attention.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @fn___studio

Here’s a list of the stuff you should use;

  • Neon nail polishes: For all the colorful orbital revolutions.
  • Dotting tool: To get it right on top of the stone.
  • Small rhinestones: To give your nails that extra bit of bling.
  • Glossy Top Coat: To keep the rhinestone in place and bring out more neon hue.

Start with a base coat; clear polish. Paint neon stripes in random swirls. Use dotting tool to apply little blobs of polish where you want to put rhinestones. Stick on rhinestone then apply glossy top coat everything.

Speckled Serenity: A Dash of Playful Charm

This nail design takes inspiration from a speckled egg, exuding a sense of calm with its muted tones and subtle speckles. It’s simple, natural, and incredibly cute, offering a sprinkle of playful charm to your everyday look.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @osa.nails

Consumables List:

  • Nude polish: For a natural-looking base.
  • Black polish: To create the speckles.
  • A slim brush or toothpick: For speckling with precision.
  • A matte top coat: To give an eggshell finish.

Start by painting your nails with the nude polish for a natural base. Then do some dainty dotting with either the brush or your toothpick that you’ve dipped into the black polish. Try to be gentle as you create the speckled pattern on your nails. Once dry, apply a matte top coat for a soft, eggshell-like finish.

Neon Leopard Print: Wild and Fashion-Forward

Leopard print is a classic design, but it gets a twist with this high-contrast neon version. The eye-popping spots look like they’re glowing against the night sky — and aren’t shy about standing out in a crowd. It’s not just trendy; this style says that you know who you are and aren’t afraid to express yourself — loudly.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @vektro__nailart

You’ll Need:

  • Dark base polish
  • Neon pink polish
  • Black polish
  • Dotting tool or thin brush
  • Glossy top coat

Start with your dark base color. Then, using the neon pink polish and dotting tool, add spots of different sizes all over your nails. Next, take the black polish and use either a thin brush or another side of the dotting tool to outline each pink spot. Use wavy lines instead of solid circles to make them feel more interesting. Once dry, finish it off with a glossy top coat for shine and protection.

Green with Envy: Chic and Sleek

A deep green polish features in this sophisticated design with a vibrant pink edging line that provides a bright pop of color. It is simple and elegant, but still has an element of uniqueness due to the bright outline, which gives it a new look making it fit for people who want something extraordinary about their fashion.

Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths
Photo credit by: @macokwsk

Consumables List:

  • Deep green polish: A rich and luxurious foundation
  • Bright pink striping polish: For the striking edge.
  • A fine brush: To create the perfect line.
  • A glossy top coat :To make colors more vibrant and last longer.

Start by applying the deep green polish as your base. Once dry, use a fine brush to paint a thin line of bright pink around the edge of each nail. Complete the look with a glossy top coat for a sleek and finished appearance.


A: Can I achieve these nail art designs at home if I am not a professional?

Q: Certainly! Although, some designs may need a steady hand and practice while most of them can be simplified or achieved with tools like striping tape, dotting tools, and nail art stickers. What’s more? There are countless numbers of tutorials available online that can guide you through the steps.

A: How long does nail art typically last?

Q: The lifetime of nail art depends on the kind of polish applied and how you prepped and sealed your nails. Typically, a design done with regular nail polish can last for about a week while gel-based designs can go over two weeks with proper care.

A: What are some tips to make my nail art last longer?

Q: To prolong your life of your nail art, begin by having clean and dry nails; use quality base coat as well as sealing your design with top coat. Apply some more top coat every few days so that it does not chip off easily. Also gloves help protect the nails when cleaning.

A: Is it possible to create nail art on short nails?

Q: Yes! Nail Art is not only for those who have long nails since short ones too can still be used for creativity. Some designs even look better on shorter nails as they appear neat and tidy.

A: How do I remove nail art without damaging my nails?

Q: Gently buff the surface of your fingernail in order to break seal top coat then soak your nails in an acetone based remover for few minutes. Do not try to forcibly scrape off the nail art because it would damage the bed of the finger.

A: Are there any eco-friendly options for nail art?

Q: There are several brands which offer non-toxic vegan –friendly cruelty-free polish removers mostly; this is great alternative especially if you want to go green all day long.

A: Can I still use hand sanitizer if I have nail art?

Q: Absolutely, You can use sanitizer on your nail art. Nevertheless excessive use of it may cause the topcoat to wear off quickly hence it wise to apply a fresh coat of polish after some period of time especially when you frequently use sanitizers.

A: Do I need to take breaks between applying nail art to let my nails breathe?

Q: Technically speaking, nails don’t actually “breathe,” but it is beneficial at times to give them a break from polishes and other treatments in order to prevent yellowing and keep them strong. During these breaks, using nail treatment products can help strengthen nails.

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Showcasing Stunning Summer Nails for Short Lengths

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